ludo in kannada : 1st time ludo game launched in kannada

ludo in Kannada: 1st-time ludo game launched in Karnataka

Recently those days due to lockdown. The ludo game becomes the most Downloaded game. some people played this game and spent their time at HOME.

  An Amazing News From Karnataka, a new ludo game has been launched in google play store. This is the first ludo game that was launched in Kannada. this is the great news that the developer malnad tech developed a game. and he is working on it for more updates. and the game is going to grow guys please download this game and support him too. for the latest news updates And he is developing on another app development so please support him for new updates app download link will be the end of this ARTICLE.  
 .ludo in kannada : 1st time ludo game launched in kannada          Screenshot Image                   Screenshot Image                       Screenshot Image



  • To download the game click here
  • Download and install it
  • open the game
  • you can select a player like 1player 3bot or 2players only you can select it


Kannada ludo game is a Board Game Played Between friends and family. best casual dice game for entertainment.

 A  LUDO Game was a popular game in ancient times and it is a four players game. it has 4 houses like red, yellow, green, blue and it was mainly used in Mahabharat Shakuni used to play this game against Pandavas  And the Moghul emperors used to play this game and it is the most played game in lockdown all over the world. it is one of the indoor game. ludo is known as ಪಗಡೆ. this game gives us some relaxation being bored. it is crossed more than a 500+million downloads in the Google play store and most Indian people played this game in LOCKDOWN. LUDO IS USED TO PLAY BY DICE LIKE SNAKE & LADDER.



I hope all of you enjoyed this article please download the Kannada ludo game below

thank you all

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